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Loose weight step 2 - Walk to your work

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My bicycle

Before I used to ride my bicicle to work. It took about 7 minutes to ride it to work, so totaly every day I got 20 minutes of biking. I tried for fun to switch biking with walking for one month. I use 17 minutes to walk to work, so I get totally 34 minutes walking every day. Its 1.66 km to my work each way.

I have a pulse watch from Polar that gave me the numbers of calories spent by bicycling and walking.

Driving to work: 0 kalories
Bicycle to work (7 minutes each way): 32 kalories - totally 64 kalories per day
Walking to work (17 minutes each way):

154 kalories - totally 308 kalories per day

To repeat todays tip:

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