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Loose weight step 1 - Weigh yourself every morning

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Weigh your self every day

So you want to loose them extra kiloes before summer? You can actully do it, but you have to have some help and guidance on the way. I will post my biggest tips in a series blog posts on how to loose weight.

Tip number 1 is to weight your self every morning. I usally wake at 0700 in the morning and take a shower. Before the shower I step on my scale. I open my calendar in my phone and note the number of kiloes I weight in this. I do this EVERY day. If you see that you gain weight from one week to another, then you know that you have to do something.

This way I always remember that I should avoid temptations and stay healty.

My body scale is a Whitings Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale. Whit this scale I also can get graphs, because it is connected to the WiFi. Here is a graph of my weight that I got from Whitings:

To repeat todays tip:

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