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My best tips to becoming thin

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Personal trainer André knows how to loose weight! Follow my advice here!

So you want to become thin but dont know what to do? You heard people say that you should just eat less and exercise more. Maby you even tried some jogging, but never got the hang of it?

Calories in - Calories out

So the answer on how to get thin is the following: Eat less calories than your body needs. So if your body need 2000 kcal, then if you eat 2100 you will gain weight. If you eat 1900 you will loose weight.

Exercise always helps. If your budget is 2000 kcal, and you eat 2800 calories and have jogged for 10 km burning 900 kcal, then this will be your daily calculation;

2800 eaten - 2000 budget = 800 (you will gain weight)
800 - 900 jogging = - 100 ( you will loose weight)

First you need to figure out how many calories your body needs every day. To calculate this you need to figure out your BMR, then multiply the answer with your activity level. You can either do the calculation your self or download Fitness Life excel sheet:

How many calories do i need every day bmr calculation


BMR formula


BMR = (66,5 + (13,75 · weight kg) + (5,003 · height cm) - (6,755 · age)) · activity level


BMR = (655 + (9,563 · weight kg) + (1,850 · height cm) - (4,676 · age)) · activity level

Daily activity level
What you have as a daily activity level is given with a number and should be multiplied into the equation for BMI. Below are the different ones explained.

Seductive lifestyle - No sports or activities
This level is for someone who does not have or cannot incorporate the exercise into their daily lives (eg running instead of walking, taking the elevator instead of the stairs, having an office job or reduced mobility).
Daily activity level = 1.2

Slightly active lifestyle - Easy exercise between once and three times per week
Light training or sports 1-3 days per week. This level will include people who incorporate walking and activity into their daily activities, but do not have an exercise regimen on such or exercise or play sports less than three times a week.
Daily activity level = 1.375

Moderate Active Lifestyle - Exercise three to five days per week
Moderate exercise or sports 3-5 days per week. This level is for people who exercise or play very active sports for at least 30 minutes non-stop for a period of at least three times a week, each week. This is the level of people who hold up a good training program that fits into their daily lives.
Daily activity level = 1.55

Active Lifestyle - Heavy or intensive exercise six to seven times per week
Hard workout or sports 6-7 days per week. This level will include serious non-professional athletes training actively for, for example, a triathlon that requires close daily hard training for at least one hour at a time.
Daily activity level = 1.725

Very active lifestyle -Very heavy or intensive exercise twice a day
Very hard training or sports more than once every day, and a physical job. This level is for people to do the exercise several times a day, at least one hour at a time, and with the type of physical job that requires top fitness. This level is not common - most non-professional athletes in serious training will be in very active level at most.
Daily activity level = 1.9

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